Put Toronto First!

Put Toronto First!

It's time to put Toronto first again, and that includes our city's most vulnerable.

I want every homeless person in our city to have a warm bed this winter. But right now, they're being crowded out of our strained shelter system by an invasion of illegal migrants monopolizing our resources.

As Mayor, I will evacuate every illegal migrant from our public housing and bus them to the front steps of the Prime Minister's official residence.

Not a single Toronto taxpayer was asked if they wanted to erase our southern border, and we won't be burdened with the exponential costs of the federal government's decision to do so. I will implement the Medicine Hat model to eliminate chronic homelessness: Within three days of someone turning up on the city’s radar, that person will be seen by a support worker. Within 10 days, the goal is to have a permanent roof over their head.

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