My Campaign Priorities

Fix our Roads

Not a single bike lane will be built until Toronto's roads are fixed. We will also push for new road building standards with higher quality asphalt, less corner cutting and contractor accountability.

Affordable Housing

By increasing foreign buyer tax on property purchased in Toronto, and by giving financial breaks to first time home buyers, we will be making housing much more affordable for millennials.

Faith's Policies

Arts & Culture

Toronto has and always will be a natural hub for the arts and culture. As Mayor, Arts and Culture spending will be no different than any other file insofar efficiencies and opportunities for private partnerships will be found wherever possible. Through tax break incentives, I will ensure private patrons to art which can be shared in the public spaces will see their investment treated as a tax deductible investment. This will keep the arts growing in our city, without raising taxes or diverting funds elsewhere.


We must clear gridlock and congestion. As Mayor, I will work with Premier Doug Ford to improve the subway network and more. I will introduce articulated electric buses, a TTC Traffic Control Centre wherein all units will be GPS-tracked for daily efficiency, and phase out streetcars. City contracts will be competitive -- no more hosing the taxpayer, while ineffective contractors will be penalized. The King Street Pilot Project will also come to an end within my first month in office.

Keep Your Money

You know how to spend your money better than the government does! For that simple reason, as Mayor, I will ensure property taxes remain below the rate of inflation. I will also work to phase out the Land Transfer Tax for all Canadian citizens over my first four years in office and continue fighting against wasteful spending to keep your taxes low.

Competitive Businesses

I know the best way to attract business isn’t government handouts but keeping taxes low! As Mayor, I will incentivize investment by reducing commercial property tax, cutting red tape, and fighting congestion to get businesses moving again.

Architectural Standards

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter modern architecture void of any character or identity. New Architectural standards will ensure that new construction projects are both functional and beautiful. No more eyesores.

Extremist Audit

I will launch a Special Research Desk on Islamic Extremism to monitor finances in and out of Toronto Islamic centres. Additionally, any religious organization found to be preaching violence against identifiable groups will be dealt with according to Canadian Law.

Ban on Face Masks

A ban on facemasks worn on public property will ensure that our police are successfully able to identify people in public, at rallies and during protests. Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.

Toronto Tailgating

I am proud of Toronto’s sports teams. As Mayor, I will work with the province to ensure tailgating is permitted at all Toronto games, which includes allowing fans to bring drinks from home!

Business Rights

Business owners will be permitted to decide whether or not their customers can smoke or bring their dogs on their commercial space patios. It's not up to the city to decide how business owners want to run their business.

Put Toronto First

Evacuate all illegal migrants from Toronto’s shelter system by bus to the Prime Minister’s official residence, or the nearest jurisdiction that will take them.

Heritage Protection Program

To know our future, we must first acknowledge our past. As Mayor, I pledge to protect Toronto’s symbols (such as statues, monuments, and plaques) which represent our shared Canadian identity. The Heritage Protection Program will ensure the growing practice of the deliberate and systemic erasure of Canadian history does not touch Toronto streets.

Make Toronto Safe

Reinstate Toronto's Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy and bring back the invaluable policy of carding so our officers have the tools they need to make sure our city is welcoming to everyone except criminals.

Defund Non-Inclusive Parades

All festivities not officially recognized federally or provincially will no longer be funded by Toronto taxpayers. Permits for these festivities may still be granted, however funding outside of recognized holidays will cease immediately. Moreover, permits will not be issued to parades where our law enforcement officers are forbidden from wearing their uniforms.